Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Suck it up, Sally

I'm struggling. I've eaten a lot of junk this past week that I didn't need to eat. I ate 2 boxes of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies. That's right, 2 boxes. Oh, and I had 2 chicken biscuits from Bojangles today. Oh, and pizza. Oh, and Chinese. Oh, and I didn't work out Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I lost another pound, but imagine what i would've done if I didn't eat so much junk and I worked out?? I'm trying not to feel down about it, but that's kind of hard.

I went to the gym tonight and met with a trainer, for the first time ever. She showed me a routine to do on the machines and hurt me. She kept pushing me and I needed that. Holy hell it's going to be hard!!! I'm pretty sore tonight. It's a good sore, I suppose.

I want to take a moment and really point something out that bothers me. Maybe you don't notice you do it, maybe you don't do it. But, whenever I go somewhere in public, 9 times out of 10, people pretend not to see me. For example, I went to Best Buy and spent over $200. Well, when I was looking for my item, the person who helped, walked past me and asked my sister if she needed help. She then told him I was looking for the iPods and he pointed us to another person. Well, I made my purchase and went to leave the store. At the door, there was a security person that was stopping people and checking receipts. I waited while he checked this woman's purchases and then I asked him if he needed to check my receipt. He looked away. I asked again, he sighed heavily and then just looked at me and said "no." That kind of thing happens to me all the time. I really try to be friendly and smile at people, but those who know me know that I'm shy. I really try to make a point of smiling at people. Tonight, I was at a restaurant waiting for the dinner I ordered and a teacher from my son's school was there. She looked at me 7 times before she finally "saw" me and I said "hello." Does this happen to other people?? Other people who aren't heavy????

So, I did terrible on my goals last week:
1. Get up earlier - still doesn't happen
2. Be more positive - still a work in progress
3. C25K training 5 days - I got 2 in last week, it's really hard
4. Read the book my friend gave me - I just didn't get to it

So, I'm repeating all those goals again this week, plus I'm adding:
5. Get homework and finals done - They're due March 9

Not a great week last week. I'm vowing to make this week better. Next week will be even better. The week after we leave for Disney World, I don't think I'll be working out while I'm there. I'll try.

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