Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Can you believe it??

I'm happy! I know, I know. It must be a lie. But, alas, I'm actually really happy at the moment. For one, I lost 3 pounds last week. That brings my total lost now to 15 pounds, I'm down to 355!!!! Go me!!! I've decided to train for a 5K, my co-worker brought it up and I'm on board! I'm giving myself a year to do it, but I know I can!!! I've done 2 days of interval training and they're kicking my ass, but I'm doing them........

Oh yea, I'm going to Disney World!!!! I'm taking my son, with my sister and my nephew, and we're all going to Disney!!!! I just paid for the trip today! I don't know who is more excited, me or the kids. I just can't wait to see their little faces when we drive into Disney for the first time. I feel like I'll cry.

So, my goals for last week were the following:
1. Get up earlier....ughh, fail. It goes back on next week's goals.
2. "I love.." and "I'm grateful" lists. I set myself a reminder timer on my phone to do them every night and I'm succeeding! Yay me!!
3. Gym 3 times a week...score.
4. Be more positive. That is something I struggle with. I'm really trying. Hell, this post is pretty effing positive, if you ask me. I'm celebrating how well I did this past week, even though I had a couple of off days.

My new goals for this week are:
1. Get up earlier.....my God, will it ever end?
2. Be more positive. I'm putting this on the list until people are sick of my damn chipper moods!!
3. Couch to 5K training 3 days. Guess who's already it twice this week????
4. Read a book that a co-worker gave me. He said it'll help me with being more positive

So, thanks to all of you who are reading and cheering me on. I know I can do this. I'm already kicking a little arse!!!

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