Friday, February 10, 2012

Where do we go from here?

I'm kind of a nerd. While listening to the soundtrack to the musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer tonight, the song "Where Do We Go From Here?" came on and was pretty meaningful to me. I'm at a point in my recovery where I'm not sure where to go. I think I'm going in the right direction. I joined a gym today, with my mother and my sister. I don't know how often they'll go. They both seem excited, however, I can't get either of them to work out with me at home. Well, I haven't so far. I've been working out at home for 4 and a half weeks now. That's 4 weeks and 2 days longer than I've ever worked out before. I've been keeping track of my progress on a couple of charts I created.

Where I have failed is in my list of goals. This was something important that I really wanted to accomplish but I haven't done it. I wrote 2 weeks of goals and failed miserably at both. One of my goals, something that I really want to do, is to write my list of things I love and things I'm grateful for. Want to know something I love? I love how fast I can type. Seriously. Thank you, Mr. Shackleton (RIP). I also went out to eat today. Well, I went out twice this week. The first time was to Golden Corral. I did pretty well there, however, I wasn't feeling well. I ate salad, fruit, broccoli, chicken terryaki, bourbon chicken, and more fruit. Not bad, right? Not until I went to lunch today and had an entree and an appetizer. I brought half of my appetizer home, but I still pigged out. I'm still feeling full right now, actually. I had soup, Southwestern egg rolls, French fries, and half of a California club sandwich (at Chili's). I even felt gross ordering it.

I feel broken tonight.

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  1. Jess, don't beat yourself up . . . if you give in to temptation, that's ok, just get back at your dieting as soon as you can. You are allowed a 'cheat' day and it sounds like today was yours. As for Golden Corral, it sounds like you made healthy choices and you went in with a mind set of sticking to eating healthy . . . and you did. That was a goal I bet you didn't keep track of and mark off. As for your Mom and sister working out with you . . . now that y'all have joined a gym they will feel an obligation (so to speak) to go because this is something they 'pay' for. Exercising at home is tough and I give you so much credit for sticking to it. Every day I have the mind set to work out either with my elip, TM or with the Wii and I fail miserably. I find it harder to get motivated at home. When I belonged to the gym here I went 4 days a week and never missed a beat especially two of those days because I not only paid my membership but also paid a trainer. Working out at home you don't have anyone to be accountable to. If you don't feel like working out, you don't; but belonging to a gym, you've paid for that and don't want to throw money away. I hope they will go with you. If not, find someone who you can meet up with at the gym. It's easier to have a work out buddy who you don't want to stand up . . . you're accountable to each other. My best friend (in NY) and I used to meet every evening and walk. If I didn't feel like it I went anyway because I didn't want to stand her up and once I got out and walked I was glad I did. I too am an accomplished typist thanks to Mr. Shackelton and am thankful for his teaching abilities. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged.